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We are two 'giants' of height and soul returned, at our halfway point, to the city of origin. And in Cortona where as children we spent our carefree summers. With the pleasant nostalgia of those memories it was a natural consequence that our new job was a place of pleasure to welcome friends and customers. The pleasure of eating raw fish with tasty but unpredictable combinations and contrasts. Pleasure to taste cocktails with mixes of mostly Tuscan spirits. The pleasure of drinking a selection of classic Italian wines and methods, including organic ones, and French champagnes. Pleasure to give new life to an apartment, which belonged to the grandmother, with many contemporary details ... the result of our different professional paths which however confirm affinity and a DNA that unites us.
Stay tuned to know our proposals and our initiatives as well as we will welcome yours to share evenings in this place of pleasure.

Copia di FOTO SCARA E BEO (1).png
Copia di FOTO SCARA E BEO (1).png
SCARA E BEO (6).png

.In ottemperanza agli obblighi previsti dal DL 34/2019, la nostra società dichiara di aver ricevuto nell'anno 2020:

- gli aiuti di Stato pubblicati nel Registro Nazionale degli aiuti di Stato del Mise

- il fondo perduto Art.25 DL 34/2020 erogato dall'Agenzie delle Entrate per € 2.000,00

- il fondo perduto Art.1 DL 137/2020 erogato dall'Agenzia delle Entrate per € 4.000,00

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